Get Data Chops

Build Data Smart Features in Your Apps

It's a big data world out there. Equations, statistics and jargon pepper the conversations. For an application developer, it can feel like going to a foreign country. Everyone is speaking, but what are they saying? Even a glimpse of the big picture would be a relief.

What do you do with this? Stop and take some courses? Read some books? Wade through academic articles? Which tools are battle-tested and ready for your kinds of problems? That can be a lot of fun, you have that kind of time?

What if someone had your back?

Imagine a practical guide as you work through your own problems. Focus on delivering applications instead of learning theory. Access working applications. Ship your products with the smarts baked in.

This site is for application developers. People with real jobs, real applications. Walk through solutions to data problems in plain-old English. No PhD required.

What's This All About Anyway?

What Do I get?

Screencasts. One hour long. Real-world problems (with some solutions).

Bonus: notes and code.

How much does this cost?

For now, $19 per episode. More later. Less with subscription.

An episode is a week of research for me, and you get it for under twenty bucks.

What Technologies Are You Using?

What works. I start with Ruby. Other stuff where it works.

What If I Don't Like It?

Full money-back guarantee. Just ask. No questions, no hassle.

Also, previews. Every episode starts with a quick summary. They're free, go hit "play".

Do You Have an Idea Which Topics You'll Cover?

I'm building a recommendation site. That means collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, sparse matrices, cold start.

Don't know how to do those? That's the point. I'll explain in the screencasts.

Recommendation engine isn't your thing? No problem, plenty more to come.