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Bring your people together and learn great things. Surprise yourselves what you can do.
Have the Get Data Chops team teach your team over lunch.
The first one's on us.

Your development team is working hard, getting features delivered, but you can see the fatigue in their eyes. They're not worn out, not really, but they've been working on some of the same things for a while now, facing some of the same customer issues. When they first started they were excited, fearless. You saw some of that when you hired them.

It's OK, it happens to all of us.

So you want to do something for your team but ironically it sometimes comes off as micromanagement.

One things that works well for developers to get out of this funk and work together again is to have them build pride in their work, learn new things, teach each other, and be part of something bigger than just their job.

At Get Data Chops, we get that fire started and keep it burning. We come in with presentations during lunch, you provide some food, we get your team learning. We offer presentations on building data-intensive features in your applications, making business cases for projects, building data pipelines or deep learning models. Whatever gets them excited, we get them started.

Empower Your Team

Make it about them and their success and see what happens next.

Instill Confidence

Learning and teaching supports collaborating and delivering. Make this the new normal.

Level Up

Data-intensive applications are bigger, smarter, and more connected. Get ready, let's go!

This is your team and they're awesome!

Your team rocks. Hard. Even on the tougher days they've found ways to harness the best ideas, solve the least-forgiving problems, and proactively figure most of it out on their own.

No wonder they can get a bit worn out from time to time. You can give them a million compliments, buy them a million lunches, but none of it will feel as good as the triumph of showing off newly-mastered tech. Developers live for thrill of making hard things work for us.

This is where Get Data Chops gets started. We know what that's like. We've been around as developers for more than a couple decades now. Getting in there with your team, listening and sowing how to do more things leaves everyone more excited, more committed.

What challenges are you getting ready to take on?

Work around your schedule, your projects.

This is about you and your team. We can talk about the technologies behind your soon-to-be-started features. We can instill confidence around recent stumbles. We can connect your developers to a wider world of good ideas, new technologies, and better approaches to getting things done.

This gets especially exciting when we mix our presentations with your teams'. We teach one week, they teach the next. Soon people are collaborating with confidence.

What could you use most right now?

Some of our favorite people work with Get Data Chops!

It's a privilege to work with great companies. Here are a few of them.

Brown Bag Presentations

Here are some presentations you can choose today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

How does the free trial work?

The first course is on us. You pick a course or have your developers pick a course. Our presentations include a survey, a lot of great developer interaction, and other ways to give us a feel for things your team may need.

We then have a conversation about what we've learned so far. Typically teams do well when they have outside sources mixed with teams teaching themselves. This allows them to both expand their skill set and demonstrate their own proficiencies. At this point we are happy to take payment for a course package and schedule your next meetup.

How does a typical presentation work?

You pick the topic and schedule with our team. We'll then send you an invitation email that you can forward to your team. This includes a survey, some information about the presentation, and resources for anybody that might miss the presentation.

On the day of the presentation, we have a presenter arrive a few minutes early. They will check in with you about the team's needs. They will then setup in your presentation room. Typically we like to have a large presentation screen or projector. If the room is large, we'll want to have a mic and audio equipment as well.

Can I attend another company's brown bag lunch?

No. We prefer to work with one team at a time. We are working on getting people to feel comfortable with their coworkers, take some risks, and push themselves to do more challenging things with their careers and that works better when we keep the team together.

If it doesn't work out to have us teach at your company, we can get you into one of our intensive courses or have you take an online course we offer at Udemy.

Does Get Data Chops provide lunch?

No. Some managers prefer to have the developers bring a lunch to work or pick something up before we meet. Other companies prefer to order in lunch for the team. It's your choice and we'll coordinate that decision in the invitation email we send out to your team..

Where do you present?

Right now, we only present along the Wasatch Front.

We are looking for high quality data professionals in other areas that enjoy teaching and challenging developers. If you know of people in your areas, please let us know. If they're interested we'll get them trained and get them the materials they need to present to your organization.

We are also producing our content on Udemy for people to take the courses from their laptops.

Do I need to choose plan now?

No, you can have us come in and we'll have a better idea what to do after we've met your team. As part of the course we gather a survey, talk to team members before, during, and after the presentation. We usually have a pretty good idea what will work for your team after that experience.

Can I switch plans later?

You purchase courses up front and can use them as your schedule permits. Just contact us and we'll schedule your meetups. We recommend that you schedule at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that your team has a chance to prepare.

Do you only teach data courses?

Right now we are focused on data science and how this impacts the company. So, building strong business cases, focusing on customers and product, learning how to build great platforms and models on those platforms are central to our wheelhouse.

However, if you have some challenges you'd like to address, let us know and we'll let you know if we think we're appropriate presenters for that topic.

Can I switch plans later?

You purchase courses up front and can use them as your schedule permits. Just contact us and we'll schedule your meetups. We recommend that you schedule at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that your team has a chance to prepare.

What if we would like an intensive training on a topic?

We are preparing deeper courses on things like AWS data pipelines to manage your data scaling issues, high availability systems to keep things running, deep learning to learn things like time series and behavior sequences, and several other topics. These will be taught weekly in two-hour sessions over several weeks.

If you'd like to get your team an intensive learning experience, let us know.

Still have questions?

Drop us an email

So, what's holding you back?