Get Data Chops

Build a Confident Practice

Get Data Chops

You've tried the tutorials, read the books, attended the meetups, and taken courses. It's there, in your brain somewhere, but it's not hanging together. It's not creating practice you can count on, not yet.

What should I be doing with my time? How do I get my data ready? Am I building momentum with my work? Is my best good enough? A lot of what you are doing is missing the context. Get that here.

Learn to pull your data together, explore it, prepare it, and recommend next steps. Take an idea and build a baseline model. Start a conversation that moves your people in the direction you're going. Get your ideas in front of people, with notebooks, dashboards, REST API endpoints, and product features. When it's time to bring out the machine learning, do it quickly and effectively. Work with database tables, images, and log files.

You're about practical results. That's what we do here.

Get real work done. Get data chops.

"It would be fun to work with you!" --Jeff Potter


"We need to wow the pow!" --Rex Griffiths


"True that." --Mark Erickson

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